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10 Must-Have Items for Your Next Booster Club Sale

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to booster club fundraising, brought to you by none other than Kamila Shaye, the visionary behind Amazing Box of Cards. After two decades of leading the charge in school and team fundraising, Kamila has distilled her wealth of experience into this essential list of items that promise to take your booster club’s sales from good to extraordinary. Let’s dive into the top 10 items that will not only boost your fundraising efforts but also bring your community closer together.

Themed Merchandise: Wear Your Support

“Themed merchandise is more than just items; they’re a statement,” Kamila explains. Picture this: your community adorned in high-quality T-shirts, caps, and wristbands, all emblazoned with your club’s logo. These items turn supporters into walking endorsements of your cause, fostering a strong sense of unity and pride. 

Custom-Designed Cards: The Personal Touch

“In today’s digital world, the personal touch of a custom-designed card is irreplaceable,” says Kamila. Imagine offering a range of cards for every conceivable occasion, each one a little masterpiece of design and sentiment. These cards aren’t just products; they’re keepsakes that people cherish, making them a top pick for your sale.

Baked Goods: Homemade Happiness

“There’s something about homemade baked goods that just brings people together,” Kamila reflects. Cookies, pies, and brownies made with love are irresistible and evoke a sense of community and nostalgia. Offering these at your sale not only raises funds but also sweetens the day for everyone involved.

Eco-Friendly Items: Green and Great

“Eco-friendly products are not just a trend; they’re a statement about your club’s values,” Kamila points out. Items like reusable water bottles, tote bags, and bamboo utensil sets are not only practical and stylish but also demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, appealing to a broad audience.

Tech Gadgets: Modern Must-Haves

“In our connected world, tech gadgets are always a hit,” says Kamila. Custom-branded tech accessories like phone cases, earbud holders, and portable chargers are not just useful; they’re often seen as essential, making them perfect items for your booster club sale.

Custom Artwork and Posters: Creativity for a Cause

“Art has the power to inspire and unite,” Kamila believes. Collaborating with local artists to create posters, prints, and other artwork can capture the spirit of your club and community. These items not only support local talent but also offer unique, meaningful options for supporters.

Raffle Tickets: Excitement in Every Ticket

“Never underestimate the power of a great raffle,” Kamila advises. Offering high-quality prizes can create buzz and excitement, encouraging more ticket sales and greater engagement with your fundraiser.

Spa Items: Luxurious Relaxation

“Everyone deserves a bit of pampering,” Kamila reminds us. Including spa items like scented candles, bath bombs, and handcrafted soaps in your sale offers a touch of luxury and relaxation, appealing to those looking to treat themselves or find a special gift.

Bookmarks and Journals: For the Love of Reading and Writing

“Bookmarks and journals are simple yet profoundly personal items,” notes Kamila. These items cater to book lovers and writers, offering a functional yet intimate product that supports reading, writing, and creativity.

Family Board Games: Fun for All Ages

“Board games bring families and friends together,” Kamila observes. They’re not just games; they’re an invitation to connect, laugh, and create memories. Offering a selection of popular and family-friendly games can add a fun and interactive element to your sale.

Kamila Shaye’s expertise and innovative approach to booster club fundraising shine through in this curated list of must-have items. Each product is chosen not just for its potential to raise funds but also to foster community spirit and engagement. As Kamila often says, “The heart of fundraising is not in the transaction; it’s in bringing people together for a common cause.” Let these items be the catalyst for your club’s next successful sale, and remember, with Amazing Box of Cards, you’re not just fundraising; you’re building a stronger, more connected community.

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