School Box of Cards Fundraiser Dallas, Tx

The Easiest Way To Raise $1000's For Your School, Team or Organization

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Kickstart your fundraising journey with the School Box of Cards Fundraiser in Dallas, an exceptional and effortless way to support your local elementary school. With the Amazing Box of Cards®, your school fundraiser is not only straightforward but also remarkably rewarding.

birthday card school fundraiser Dallas

Our dedicated team offers comprehensive support to both school staff and parent councils, ensuring seamless coordination from start to finish. This hands-on approach guarantees a delightful and hassle-free fundraising experience for everyone involved.

birthday card school fundraiser Dallas

We take pride in offering a variety of enticing prizes to motivate and excite participants. These include sought-after items like gift cards, high-quality Beats by Dre® Headphones, advanced Fitbit Smart Watches, and enjoyable pizza parties. These prizes add an extra layer of excitement to the fundraising process, making it a memorable event for all.


To bring this incredible fundraising opportunity to your school, team, or club in Dallas, simply provide your details above. The Amazing Fundraising team is eager to reach out, offering personalized assistance to address any queries and to help schedule your next successful fundraiser. Book your School Box of Cards Fundraiser today and join the ranks of satisfied schools who’ve turned card selling into a fun and fruitful venture!

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