About Amazing Box of Cards

Our Mission

At Amazing Box of Cards our mission is to collaborate with schools, teams, and organizations providing them with effective fundraising products, strategies and support to help them raise funds successfully. 

Our aim is to create a fun and exciting fundraising experience for kids while helping them make a difference. We strive to provide engaging fundraising programs that inspire children to unleash their creativity, develop valuable skills, and contribute to meaningful causes. 

With our focus on fun and impact, we aim to empower young fundraisers to become agents of positive change in their communities. We want to empower schools, teams and organizations to achieve their financial goals and create opportunities for growth and connections within their communities.

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Hi, I'm Kamila!

For years, I have been actively involved in volunteering at my children’s schools, often tasked with raising funds. Finding profitable and easy-to-run fundraisers was a challenge, which led me to create Amazing Box of Cards.  I have worked with many schools, sports teams, dance studios and theatre troops to help them achieve their fundraising goals.  After moving to Texas, I realized that my passion for fundraising could still make a difference, and I embarked on a mission to help others in my new community achieve their financial goals while fostering community engagement and promoting teamwork.