Show & Sell Fundraiser

The Easiest Way To Raise $1000's For Your School, Team or Organization
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How does the program work?

  • Each participant will receive one sample box of cards, a letter to explain the process and an order envelope to collect money and track sales.
  • The participant uses the box as a selling tool.  The quality of both the keepsake box and birthday cards is amazing! It basically sells itself!
  • We will provide you with everything you need to make the fundraiser a HIT including labels, order envelopes, and plastic bags for distribution. 

Are there prizes to be won?

  • Yes! There are great weekly prizes valued at approximately $25 each or gift cards to some of your favorite stores like, Lululemon, Nike, Amazon and more!
  • A grand prize valued at approximately $150 is also up for grabs.

How much money can we raise?

  • The possibilities are limitless.
  • Each $30 Amazing Box of Cards sold pays $13.50 profit. E.g. 500 boxes sold = $6750 profit!

Why choose Amazing Box of Cards?

  • Premium quality cards at a great value.
  • Amazing Box of Cards provides everything necessary for a  successful and profitable fundraiser.  
  • Great prizes to be won.
  • Amazing profit margins.
  • Support staff available any time for questions or concerns.

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