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$10 Profit per Box Sold

Earn $10 for every box sold over a 2-3 week period.  Birthday or holiday greeting card drive.

Class and Individual prizes

Prizes like Beats by Dre Headphones, Fitbits and Gift Certificates for students.


Our Amazing team offers full PTO or teacher support and guidance. 

Amazing Box of Cards Elementary School Birthday Card Fundraising
Dallas - Fort Worth.

Officially the easiest & most profitable box of cards school fundraiser.  Also great for teams, clubs, church groups and organizations. Our All Birthday Card Box is available exclusively in the United States. Organizers will love the simplicity while families enjoy the keepsake box and individually wrapped premium Birthday cards and Holiday Cards.

Our Story

Welcome to Amazing Box of Cards Fundraising Company, right in the heart of Dallas Texas! Rooted in the spirit of Texas hospitality and community, we empower elementary schools, sports teams and other organizations throughout our great state to reach their fundraising goals. With our unique and modern greeting cards, crafted with love and creativity, we provide an opportunity for young minds to partake in a purposeful mission, all while spreading joy and connection within their communities.

Our New Online Fundraising Campaign

Now your school, team, or organization has the option of running an Online Fundraiser. Receive the same great prizes and incentives in an online event. Each school, team or organization receives their own custom-designed page to help drive sales.  Check out the Sample Online Fundraiser page!

Visit the Sample Online Fundraiser page to see how our customized and simple one-page checkout can help you bring in more dollars than ever before.

Our Reviews

We’re always happy to hear from our Schools, Teams and Organizations.

Such an amazing fundraiser! Kamilia was so great to deal with and provided great support throughout the whole process! We will be back again next year!
Fundraising Product Reviews
Our first and definitely not last experience with Amazing box of cards fundraiser was a very successful and pleasant experience. Challenged with current situation and having to adjust to all the rules ensuring safety, we couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. Kamila and her team were beyond accommodating, responded to every question (and right away) we came up with and made sure that we were comfortable with every step along the way. Blue Fins swim club from Georgetown, ON will be back next season! All the best and big THANK YOU!

Fundraising Product review

Thank you to Helen and the team at Amazing Box of Cards Fundraiser. We have run this fundraiser twice at our school, and I highly recommend it. It was easy, successful, and we were supported every step of the way. The exceptional customer service and quick communication from Helen made it so easy to run this fundraiser. Many thanks!

fundraising product review

We had a fantastic experience with Amazing Cards. It was a very simple fundraiser without a lot of work for parent council. The door to door delivery was a huge hit


Birthday or Holiday

All Birthday Card Set

The Amazing Birthday Card Set comes with 30 individually wrapped, beautifully crafted birthday cards & envelopes all housed in a keepsake box. Priced at $30 per box, you stand to gain a profit of $10 for every box sold. With 500 participants selling just one box each, your total profit amounts to $5,000.

All holiday Card Set

The Amazing Holiday Card Set features 30 individually wrapped, top-tier holiday cards, all housed in a keepsake box. Each set is priced at $30, you stand to gain a profit of $10 for every box sold. With 500 participants selling just one box each, your total profit amounts to $5000.

Some of Our Cards
These ladies are Professional and easy to work with. Minimal work is required from the school to operate. They organize all materials needed to begin your fundraiser. I highly recommend them for your next school fundraiser!
Ronda Davis
Frisco, Tx.

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