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The Amazing Box of Cards Fundraiser

Your school, team, church group or organization has the option of running a Show & Sell Fundraiser or an Online Fundraiser. With the Show & Sell model each participant will bring home a sample box to show and sell to friends and family.  They will be responsible for taking orders and collecting payments.  With the Online Fundraiser your participates will receive a link to your organizations dedicated Webstore.  They can share that link with friends and family and we will track all orders and process the payments.  Whichever model you choose we recommend you run the fundraiser for 2-3 weeks. Give us a call to discuss which model works best for your community!

Select Your Fundraising Style

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The Traditional Amazing Box of Cards Fundraiser

3 Different Boxes available

Amazing Box of 32 Cards

Amazing Box of 20 Cards

Amazing Holiday Box of Cards

How does the program work?

  • Each child is sent home with a box of cards, letter to families and envelopes.
  • They will have approximately three weeks to show and sell the boxes to their friends and family.
  • At the end of the selling period, you will need to ensure that the box that was sent home was paid for OR returned to the school.    

Are there prizes to be won?

  • Yes! We will credit you with $100.00 towards the purchase 4 gift cards of your choice.  Your school can raffle them off as you wish.
  • A grand prize is also up for grabs, prize to be determined e.g., Beats Headphones or Fitbits.

How much money can my school make?

  • The possibilities are limitless
  • Each $32 box sold pays $10.00 profit.  E.g. 500 boxes sold = $5000 profit.
  • Each $20 box sold pays $5.00 profit.   E.g. 500 boxes sold = $2500 profit.

Why choose Amazing Fundraising?

  • Premium quality cards at a great value.
  • Amazing Fundraising provides everything necessary for a  successful and profitable fundraiser.  
  • Great prizes to be won.
  • Amazing profit margins.
  • Support staff available any time for questions or concerns. 

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